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Daughter's Plea

Oregon Murder & Political Prisoners

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Daughter's Plea

With the U.S. government taking 25?+ and counting political prisioners (including a reporter) related to the protest at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, it is time to take stock of what is happening with our corrupt government.  It is not a pretty picture, but to change it, people are going to have to face the dire state our nation is in.

God’s blessing to Franklin Graham, Congress Woman Michele Fiore, Gavin Seim and others whose actions kept the FBI from shooting the four hostages camped out at the refuge.

Ask yourself, why did the police have to stand down in the Ferguson and Baltimore riots and yet the government sent a small army to interfere with the rights of four people camping on public property exercising their 1st amendment rights in the middle of nowhere? They could have been there undisturbed for 50 years and no one would have been affected. If you don’t think this affects you, think again. The government pays Google, Facebook, etc. to see how many people are paying attention. That way, they know how much they can get away with. For those of you who are not paying attention, you are voting for more government intrusion, whether you realize it or not.

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Wednesday 2/10/16:

Thursday 2/11/16:

Let us look at some truths:

1.      The FBI lies and The FBI lies.  Why is it criminal for someone to lie to the FBI, but the FBI can lie to the entire nation, and no one in the FBI is punished?  This needs to stop.

a.       The FBI reported Robert "LaVoy" Finicum was killed after being stopped at a “routine traffic stop.”  From their own footage, we know this was a huge lie that invalidates anything the FBI says.  You cannot over emphasis this lie.  The colossal nature of this lie shows they simple don’t care what the truth is and are willing to say whatever makes them look good.  Any testimony from the FBI is invalid, void.  It has no credibility.

b.      The FBI reported they didn’t know who fired the first shot.  Well, when the FBI fired all the shots, they know who fired the first one and all the rest.

c.       The FBI said LaVoy tried to run over a FBI agent.  Their own video shows the agent jumped in front of LaVoy and it was LaVoy’s action that saved the agent from being hit.

d.      The FBI would refuse to talk to protestors unless not recorded and there were no third party witnesses.

e.       The protestors were willing to just leave, but the FBI would not allow it.

f.        There is much more, but (a) is sufficient.

2.      The government murdered Robert "LaVoy" Finicum.

a.       While much of the discussion has focused around whether LaVoy reached for a gun (remember item #1), or was stumbling in the snow, or went to put his hand over a gunshot wound, we don’t even need to get there for it to be murder.  The police cannot pull someone over, sit there, shoot at them, and then wait for an “action” that they think will justify on film their shooting a person.  That is murder, plain and simple.

b.      The government knew LaVoy was an honest man of good character.  Check the video out.  As an FBI agent, you don’t jump in front of a vehicle of a criminal.  The criminal will run you over.  They had to know that LaVoy, being an honest man and of good character, would rather crash the vehicle than run over another human being.

c.       The “routine traffic stop” was clearly an ambush by the FBI’s own video.

d.      They were ambushed because they were dividing the town.  This according to the sheriff.  Educating people as to their Constitutional rights is not a crime even if some find that offensive or a town is divided.  You cannot arrest someone because of their political speech, even if it divides the town. 

e.       You cannot ambush someone and then say it is okay to kill them because you think they may be reaching for a gun.  The ambush itself was illegal, so the FBI is guilty for anything that transpires as a result of the ambush.

3.      The government tried to goad the last four protesters camped at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge into taking action that would result in them being shot by the FBI.

a.       Listen to the Live feed of 2/10/16.  As people on the phone tried to keep the four protesters calm, the FBI negotiator repeatedly tried to goad them into some action that would get them shot; even refusing to talk to mediator Congress Woman Michele Fiore and yelling when the group was praying for calm.  This fits the pattern of 2(a).

b.      The FBI arrested Cliven Bundy who was on his way to help negotiate a peaceful resolution.  Some say it was just bureaucratic stupidity.  I don’t think they were that stupid (but I’m open to being convinced).  I think they were still hoping for a shootout.  This also fits the pattern of 2(a).

4.      The government took the individuals hostage to dissuade individuals from standing up for their Constitutional rights.

a.       The Sheriff reported that no action would have been taken for some time if they had just stayed on the refuge.  The “problem” was they were dividing the town [by educating them on their Constitutional rights].  Since when did education that the government does not like become a crime, let alone one punishable by death.  This is the United States of America with the 1st amendment.

b.      The government takes little or no action on protests it agrees with and brings down a small army on protests it disagrees with.

                                                              i.      OWLS – Crimes committed at protest sites.  No move to remove.

                                                            ii.      Wisconsin State House – No mini-army sent in to remove protestors when they were destroying the building.

                                                          iii.      Ferguson – government law enforcement told to stand down while burning and looting occurred.  No ambushing.  DOJ blames police.

                                                          iv.      Baltimore – police told to stand down while burning and looting occurred.  No ambushing.  DOJ blames police.

                                                            v.      Government does little to nothing to stop people coming in over the southern border and illegally occupying federal land.  Gives them all kinds of benefits.

                                                          vi.      Government releases murders and rapists that are illegal aliens.

c.       The four individuals camped out at the refuge could have been there undisturbed for 50 years and no one would have been affected.  But they were not “government approved” protestors.  They were “government disapproved” protestors.

d.      The protestors had taken good care of the building, keeping it clean and tidy.  They did find the BLM was not taking care of Indian artifacts and the BLM had improperly stored explosives (which the FBI then claimed were the protestors, remember item #1).

e.       There is much more, but what we have is a clear pattern of criminals being given a pass and even encouraged by our government while law abiding citizens are punished, their rights violated, and their property taken.

5.      The media is in collusion with the government.

a.       Listen to the live feeds:

                                                              i.      I have not found one accurate news story, and the live feed is there for all to listen to.

                                                            ii.      Despite, item #1, most media just repeats what the FBI says.

                                                          iii.      I’ve seen no interest in rancher’s plight

1.      They have not reported on the government overreach

2.      Most have not reported on the illegal resentencing of the Hammonds after they had served their time for something that is not a crime in the first place.

                                                          iv.      How many networks followed OJ in the SUV in 1994?  How many networks picked up the live feed on 2/10/16 or 2/11/16?  Nuff said.

b.      How many networks demanded access to film Franklin Graham receiving the hostages?  They have embedded reporters in wars, and yet they were fine with being kept miles away from what was happening.  Nothing to see here.

c.       Have you seen any network berate the FBI for saying it was a “routine traffic stop”?

d.      The media promotes the idea it is okay for the FBI to be judge, jury, and executioner when it is people they disagree with.  Otherwise, it is okay for the media to be judge, jury, and demand the execution of law enforcement.

The biggest crime of the Oregon group was they were being effective. The gentleman that was ambushed and murdered by the FBI was on his way with others to speak to 400+ people about their rights. Rights they did not know they had due to our government education system. If we do not stand up for these people, then don’t expect anyone to stand up for you when the government decides you are an impediment to its agenda.