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2/23/16 Constitutional Sheriff Targeted by Feds:  Hillary Still Free

Murder of LaVoy Finicum

Nevada Assemblyman John Moore - It was an ambush.  It was murder.

LaVoy Finicum warned to move to Constitutional sheriff
before ambush -- leave immediately as phone calls be monitored

LaVoy's wife speaks out

Oregon "Stand-off" -- What you are NOT being told but need to know

LaVoy Finicum's Daughters speak out

SWAT team chicken farm "inspection"

Government has Border Agents Stand Down

The Truth behind Federal Land Grabs


    Attempt to shape eye witness testimony

Power of the Jury

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Banana Republic Amerika:  IDs Checked at Gunpoint

Clinton Foundation took massive payoffs, promised  Hammond Ranch and other publicly owned lands

18 yr. old unarmed girl more accurate than FBI

Witnesses - cold blooded murder

Ambush in Oregon

Martial Law in America

Interview with Ammon Bundy, Sheriff Ward & Judge Grasty

Behind the Lines -- A look into the Oregon Standoff

What's Really Going on in Oregon! Taking Back the Narrative!  KrisAnne Hall

Full Story About What's Going on In Oregon

Obama's DOJ Demands More Prison Time for Ranchers

The Case for Disobedience in Oregon

DHS Whistleblower Says Obama Regime Shut down...San Bernardino Attack

Government quick to investigate reporters (within hours)

BLM Destroying Ranches by Fire

11/21/2015 Hammonds Threatened for talking

Hammond Family declared terrorists

Things our government supports

U.S. Soldiers told to ignore Sexual Abuse of Boys

Planned Parenthood selling body parts