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The good news is there are many more references now than before; however, you will have to go through and pray to see which one(s) to try.

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01/22/24 Article on nattokinase, bromelain, and curcumin  10/7/23

 Can mRNA Vax Toxins Be Countered With N-acetylcysteine (NAC)?

10/27/23 5 PILLARS OF HEALTH By Dr. Lee Merritt (scroll down for video)

09/20/23 Dr Peter McCullough: How to Detox Spike Protein from Body (August 2023) 9/6/23

06/14/23 Dr. Ardis and Jonathan Otto:  Nicotine, glutathione, NAC, Vitamin C, EDTA, Licorice Root

05/15/23 Watch the Water 2: Closing Chapter (remedies near the end)

05/15/23 Drs. Mikovits & Stroup on Detox (10 minute introduction)

05/15/23 Spike Protein Detox Guide

05/15/23 Physicians/Facilities Offering Early Treatment

05/15/23 FLCCC Treatment Protocols

05/15/23 VACCINE INJURY TREATMENT GUIDE - Your Road to Recovery

03/23/23 Dr. Peter McCullough Highlights The Safety Of Nattokinase In Potentially Counteracting Spike Protein Damage 3/22/23

03/22/23 Dr. VanDeWater’s

03/22/23 Counteract harmful spike proteins

12/16/22 Dr. Bryan Ardis Q & A

12/07/22 What You Do If You’ve Already Taken the mRNA-Modifying Nano-Technology COVID-19 Shots and You Don’t Want to Die Suddenly? (first 20 minutes of video)
12/07/22 Product talked about in video 12/03/22


11/01/22 [INCLUDES DISCUSSION ON TREATMENTS]  Heart Attacks SURGE: Mikovits DEBUNKS The Gaslighting COVID Narrative, PROVES The Clot Shot Is To Blame 10/31/22