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03/23/23 Dr. Peter McCullough Highlights The Safety Of Nattokinase In Potentially Counteracting Spike Protein Damage 3/22/23

03/22/23 Dr. VanDeWater’s

03/22/23 Counteract harmful spike proteins

12/16/22 Dr. Bryan Ardis Q & A

12/07/22 What You Do If You’ve Already Taken the mRNA-Modifying Nano-Technology COVID-19 Shots and You Don’t Want to Die Suddenly? (first 20 minutes of video)
12/07/22 Product talked about in video 12/03/22


11/01/22 [INCLUDES DISCUSSION ON TREATMENTS]  Heart Attacks SURGE: Mikovits DEBUNKS The Gaslighting COVID Narrative, PROVES The Clot Shot Is To Blame 10/31/22