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Disclaimer:  I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on TV.  But, I can read and research and share the information I find.  God gave you free will and a brain.  Use both wisely.

Leviticus 18:21 Also thou shalt not give thy children to offer them unto Molech, neither shalt thou defile the Name of thy God: for I am the Lord.

It is now clear that COVID-19 is a bio-weapon and the so called vaccine is a worse bio-weapon.  For an overview, watch:
Stew Peters interviews Dr. Zelenko
BEFORE you get COVID-19 or any of the variants - Early treatment is critical (first 2-5 days), so have your meds beforehand.  Go to for the latest in prevention and treatment info.  Also Dr. Meyer's list can be found here.
Additional prescription sites: (in Ohio only),, Dr. Meyer (limited number of states),,,,, and  COVID HOME TREATMENT GUIDE., Remnant Nursing, ALL FAMILY PHARMA (advertized by One American News Network).

Interesting Web site on Early Treatment.  Note that they aggregate studies so that bad studies are also included:  COVID-19 early treatment: real-time analysis

Do not wait until your lips turn blue and go to the hospital to get put on the CDC death protocol (includes Remdesivir [pronounce as "Remember Death Is Near"])

For COVID-19 long-haul problems or if you took the jab (COVID-19 experimental gene therapy aka "vaccine") problems click here. Also watch Stew Peters interviews Dr. Zelenko. Fish Oil is being reported as helping the long haul brain fog.

Up to 50% 85.714% of the death jabs may be placebos.  If you took the death jab and had no reaction, you may have gotten a placebo.  Whether you did or not, you can follow the Zelenko protocol to help keep you healthy.

There is no "vaccine".  There is a growing body of evidence that the experimental gene therapy ("called a vaccine") sometimes can make the "vaccinated" an "infector" of those around them.  This "infection" does not appear to be limited to COVID-19 varients.  Other issues may be the spike protein, that can cause a multitude of illnesses.  Sudden cancers, blood clotting, and heart issues seem to be some of the side effects of the "vaccines".

Zinc and Copper deficiency?

Victims of the "vaccine"

"Vaccine" Exemption And Legal Help

The following are in order of when they were posted.  For first timers, start here, watch the 3 videos marked "first timers", and then read through the list to see which articles/videos you find most helpful.

VAERS COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports - OVER 34,725 dead (@1% reporting = 3,472,500 deaths)
12/19/21 How Bad is your batch?
0302/22 VAX 12 times more deadly than COVID-19, encyclopedia of death 3/2/22

How to prepare for next phase

12/31/21 Preparing for what is yet to come:  here, here (skip first 50 minutes if short of time), and here
02/07/22 Healing Prayer for Covid, Vaccine Injury, Respiratory and Heart Disease

Posted Date (Note: Date of posting can be much later than the article/video itself)


05/17/23 More "vaccines" - more likely to get COVID, more likely to be hospitalize, more likely to be in ICU 5/14/23 
02/23/23 More evidence COVID-19 was all planned 2/23/23

01/11/23 Dr. Peter McCollough - Damar Hamlin and the clot shot (scroll down for video) 1/5/23
Died Suddenly -  Released - Monday, November 21, 2022 11/21/22
07/25/22 COVID UPDATE: What is the truth? 4/22/22
05/16/22 THEY ALL KNEW 5/15/22
04/11/22 Watch the Water (start at the 3:00 mark)  4/11/22
10/04/21 How to advocate for someone in the hospital 9/1/21 (starts at about the 11:00 mark)
11/09/21 The Decree from the Rabbinical Court 11/1/21
11/19/21 Athletes dying ~5 minute 11/8/21, 12/01/21 Athletes injured/killed ~15 minute  11/26/21
12/19/21 Doctor's Orders overview of what has happened 12/10/21


02/24/24 Kirsch to Tucker - "And it’s a straight line. The more shots you get, the more likely you are to get autism."  2/24/24

02/24/24 A Host of Notable COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events, Backed by Evidence 2/23/24

02/15/24 Unexploded Bomb: Where the COVID-19 Vaccine Deaths Are Really Hiding | John Beaudoin 2/3/24

02/15/24 The technology used in Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine carries toxicity risks, scientists with the company said in a new paper. 2/4/24

12/01/23 Masks Increase the Risk of Infection! 12/1/23

11/02/23 History Repeats Itself  11/2/23

11/02/23 "Vaccine" killed 3.5X more Americans than COVID virus 10/26/23

09/26/23 They Suffered Myocarditis After COVID-19 Vaccination. Years Later, Some Still Haven't Recovered. 9/21/23

09/08/23 FDA and CDC knew vaccines were not effective in August of 2021 9/8/23

07/14/23 BOMBSHELL! One in Three Pfizer Vaccine Shots May Have Been a Placebo 6/28/23

06/19/23 All COVID-Infected at Health Conference Were Vaccinated: Study 6/19/23

05/18/23 Study: MRNA Vaccines Increase Risk of Contracting COVID-19; Each Booster Shot Raises Risk Even More in Study of 51,000 Cleveland Clinic Workers  12/22/22 Graph

05/17/23 NSA and Pentagon Led the Creation of the Vaccine Says Declassified Documents 5/16/23

04/27/23 IN-DEPTH: US Officials Reject Compensation for People Diagnosed With COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries 4/27/23

04/21/23 A Bombshell Report! - Pam Popper 4/21/23

04/13/23 Why you Need To Know More Than Your Doctor 4/14/23

04/13/23 Insurance companies bribes to get jab 4/13/23

03/31/23 What They Plan To Do Next 3/31/23

03/25/23 Dr. Artis - Confirmation of venom 3/23/23

03/22/23 Physician Assistant Fired for Reporting COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events to VAERS  3/19/23


The U.S. has 4.2% of the global population — and almost 16% of worldwide COVID deaths.

• America had a COVID death rate of about 3,000 per million; Nigeria had a death rate of 14 people per million.

• And Japan, with the oldest population in the world, had 1/10th the death rate of the United States.

• "85% of the people [in the US] who died should not have died — because they were denied early treatment," attests RFK Jr.

03/22/23 Thai Princess Has HEART ATTACK After VAXX: Now UNCONSCIOUS & SUFFERING In Hospital 3/21/23

03/17/23 Bill Gates: The current vaccines are not infection blocking, not broad, and have very short duration 3/14/23

03/17/23 Dr. Peter Breggin With Dr. Sucharit Bhakdi of D4CE interview 6/16/22

03/01/23 Being right never felt so bad 3/1/23

02/25/23 FINALLY: Idaho Bill To Make CLOT SHOT ILLEGAL: Administering mRNA TECH To Be Made CRIMINAL In Idaho? 2/24/23

02/23/23 EXCLUSIVE: Stunning new data pulled from the Medicare database shows how each shot increases your risk of death - Increase in death: Shot 1 - 20%, Shot 2 - 20%, Shot 3 - 10% 2/9/23


02/10/23 CDC data reveal that multiple covid jabs can knock up to 24 years off a person’s expected lifespan 2/9/23

02/08/23 A Mea Culpa Regarding COVID Policies 2/8/23

02/02/23 Getting COVID after vaccination can lead to blood clots 2/2/23

01/23/23 WSJ Slams Vaccine Makers, Federal Agencies for Pushing Boosters, as FDA Concedes Data Are ‘Complicated’ 1/23/23

01/23/23 Australians who tried to sell surgical face masks on the back of claims they worked against viruses were once threatened with prosecution and massive fines by the government. 1/23/23

01/23/23 Excess Mortality Doubled for Americans Aged 35 to 44: Edward Dowd on New Society of Actuaries Data 9/6/22 (8/30/22)

01/20/23 Pam Popper - The Wench of Washington 1/19/23

01/17/23 Furthermore, the court found that the mandate was “arbitrary and capricious” as COVID-19 vaccines do not stop transmission, vitiating any rational basis for a mandate. 1/13/23

01/17/23 Deep State puts in people on both sides and other tricks ~48:00 1/16/17

01/17/23 “BBC is the Virus” – At Least 6 BBC Buildings Across UK Covered with Photos of People Who Died from COVID Vaccine 1/16/23

01/17/23 Myocarditis up 117 times in kids in Canada 1/17/23

01/17/23 The FAA has very quietly tacitly admitted that the EKGs of pilots are no longer normal. We should be concerned. Very concerned. 1/17/23

01/13/23 Steve Kirsch's newsletter - Even more proof: Masks don't work 1/13/23

01/11/23 Fake Twitter Doctors Gave Fake COVID Advice 1/11/23

01/06/23 Tucker Carlson - Dr. Peter McCullough - Damar Hamlin 1/3/23

01/06/23 They reported that since the introduction of the vaccines in 2021, there have been 1,598 cardiac arrests in the [European] football leagues, of which 1,101 were fatal. Prior to 2021, the average number of cardiac arrests was 29 per year. BE SURE TO WATCH THE VIDEO 1/5/23

01/05/23 Damar Hamlin and Pursuing the Truth in The Empire of Lies 1/5/23 Video

01/05/23 Mistakes Were NOT Made: An Anthem for Justice 1/1/23

01/05/23 COVID Jabs Have Erased 25 Years of Health Gains


01/05/23 Leana Wen Changes Her Mind AGAIN 1/5/23

01/04/23 The mainstream media is working overtime to avoid any mention that a Covid vaccine played any part in the NFL’s Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest 1/4/23

01/02/23 Most Important Dataset About The Vaccine Was Just Released (ITS BAD) 12/21/22

12/26/22 Dr Stephanie Seneff: Why C19 Jabs Are Injuring So Many People Globally 12/23/22

12/24/22 Dr. Tenpenny’s Truth: What’s Coming Part I 12/21/22

12/24/22 Dr. Tenpenny’s Truth: Solutions Part II 12/21/22

12/24/22 9-Year-Old Boy from Ontario Dies Suddenly After Suffering a Blood Clot in his Brain 12/23/22

12/24/22 Top Thai Neurologist and WHO Expert Panel Member Warns of COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Link to Fatal Heart Problems 12/24/22

12/24/22 Dr. Malone Says the ‘Most Important Dataset of the Pandemic was Just Released’ Following Data from Health Insurance Shows 4 Times Increase in Sudden Deaths Following COVID Vaccine Rollouts 12/20/22

12/21/22 “It’s a Crisis” – Massive Increase in the Number of Dead Forces Funeral Homes in Norway to Store the Dead in Garage 12/21/22

12/21/22 “Unexpected”: MRNA Vaccines Increase Risk of Contracting COVID-19; Each Booster Shot Raises Risk Even More in Study of 51,000 Cleveland Clinic Workers 12/21/22

12/21/22 Tom Renz - Fauci’s Time Is Up, Election Rigging, Covid, It’s All The Same Players 12/21/22

12/19/22 Big Pharma Murder Mystery! Doctor Killed Over Knowledge Of Hydroxychloroquine & COVID - 5 years ago 12/19/22

12/19/22 Q&A with Dr. Bryan Ardis from Annemiek Sahelda on Vimeo

12/15/22 Here’s What’s Next 12/15/22

12/12/22 FDA ‘Turned a Blind Eye’ to ‘Submission of Fraudulent Data’ on COVID Vaccine, Says Former Criminal Investigator 12/7/22

12/12/22 FDA Says Ivermectin Doesn’t Work Against COVID-19 but Points to Studies That Show It Does 12/8/22

12/12/22 Pediatric Cardiologist’s Emotional Testimony On Sudden Death & Vax Damage To Young Hearts 12/9/22

12/08/22 “The people who are under the age of 50 who took the vaccine now have a 49% higher mortality rate.” 12/7/22

12/08/22 Flu Vaccines Have Never Been Effective 12/8/22

12/07/22 Found Dead at Home After COVID-19 Vaccination 12/5/22

12/07/22 UK Govt. Data Shows C19-Boosted Kids Are up to 137x MORE Likely to Die from C19 Than Unvaxed Kids 12/7/22

12/05/22 Vigaṇ to Medical Doctors for Covid Ethics International 11/22/22

11/22/22 Cover-up of Ivermectin as cure for COVID-19 3/6/22

11/22/22 Dems Dark Money Also Funded Suppression of Ivermectin 11/16/22

11/21/22 Dr. William Makis 93 Dead Doctors After Vaccine Rollout (Turbo Cancer) 11/18/22

11/20/22 Top epidemiologist wants pandemic emergency powers ended, insurer death data released 11/18/22

11/20/22 FDA attorney argues guidance against ivermectin for COVID was recommendation, 'not mandatory' 11/20/22

11/11/22 Sudden Adult Death Syndrome: “We’ve Never Seen These Numbers” 11/11/22

11/11/22 Pilot Events: Headline After Headline of Pilot Incapacitations 11/10/22

11/10/22 Why Did So Many Doctors Become Nazis - Part I 11/10/22

11/02/22 Pam Popper - Curious Coincidences Part I 11/2/22

10/31/22 Bill Gates Depopulation: Died Suddenly Mega Compilation 10/30/22

10/31/22 'Robert Roos' Gets 'Pfizer' To Admit COVID-19 Vaccines Were Not Tested to Stop Transmission 10/13/22

10/28/22 Classic Criminal Behavior: ‘At This Point, It’s a Cover-Up,’ and They’re Tripling Down 10/27/22

10/28/22 BioWeapons from China to "Clean up America" Wipe out 1-2 hundred million  10/28/22

10/28/22  DIED SUDDENLY | OFFICIAL TRAILER – Streaming November 21st

10/25/22 Fauci’s Royalties and the $350 Million Royalty Payment Stream HIDDEN by NIH

10/24/22 Canadian doctors dying, Canada wiping data  - Canada steals cancer treatment 10/24/22

10/24/22 EXPOSED: Fauci CREATED COVID-19; Ralph Baric, UNC involved - Molecular Trail Reveals INSANE Truths In Covid Engineering 10/24/22

10/24/22 Fauci CREATED COVID-19 10/24/22

10/24/22 Hope: They Called Us ‘COVID’ Conspiracy Theorists, Now They’re Calling For Advice – Dr. Lynn Fynn 10/24/22

10/24/22 Alarming Stillbirth Data – ‘Irrefutable Evidence The Vaccine Is Killing My Patients’ – Dr. Thorp [VIDEO] 10/24/22

10/24/22 One in every 500 children under five years who received the experimental Pfizer Covid jab were hospitalized with a serious vaccine injury, and one in 200 had symptoms ongoing for months afterwards, a new study has found. 12/20/22

10/18/22 'Just getting started': Lawyer foresees flood of comp claims by COVID vaccine-injured clients 10/17/22

10/18/22 Link to links - COVID - AI bioweapon - nano-technology 10/17/22

10/18/22 Lies, lies, lies - PROOF COVID Is A PARASITE 10/12/22

10/18/22 New COVID-19 strain with 80% fatality rate created in Boston 10/17/22

10/18/22 OAN - Vaccinated populations suffering strange new illness, doctors report foreign compounds found in vaccines 10/5/22

10/17/22 Renz Law - Lawsuit against developers of COVID-19 10/5/22

10/14/22 Big Pharma’s Marketing Machine 10/14/22

10/13/22 Smoking Gun – The Death Jab Failed – and the Evidence Was There Before FDA Approval 10/10/22

10/12/22 Smoking Gun – The Death Jab Failed – and the Evidence Was There Before FDA Approval 1/10/22

10/10/22 BREAKING: CCP Military Manufacturing Vaccines – Bioweapon Destroying Americans 10/6/22

10/10/22 EXCLUSIVE: FDA Withholding Autopsy Results on People Who Died After Getting COVID-19 Vaccines 9/29/22

10/4/22 Greatest disaster in obstetrics 10/3/22

10/3/22 No access to abortion, get a COVID shot

10/3/22 Ivermectin harmful, but you can trust a "vaccine" tested on 8 mice who all got COVID

10/3/22 "CDC no longer recommends universal masking in health facilities"; why? Because the CDC knows that the COVID face masks were always ineffective and harmful, never worked, 9/27/22

10/3/22 UK Gov. Confirms 9 in Every 10 COVID Deaths Over the Last Year Have Been Among the Fully/Triple Vaccinated 8/27/22

09/22/22 lipid nanoparticle 9/22/22

09/22/22 ‘This Is a Signal’: People With Jobs Are, All of a Sudden, Becoming Disabled at Alarming Rates 9/21/22

09/22/22 Healthy, Successful People Are Suddenly Dying Off Faster Than the General Population 9/21/22

09/16/22 Big News from Pam Popper 9/16/22

09/15/22 Woman Escapes COVID-19 Hospital Treatment Protocols, Says Others Not So Lucky 9/15/22

09/15/22 The "vaccine" is ALMOST 0% effective, 98% more dangerous than getting COVID 9/15/22

09/15/22 CDC Admits COVID Shots Cause Serious “Systemic Reaction” in More Than HALF of Children 9/15/22


09/14/22 Jimmy Dore: "Can you imagine if they sold you a vaccine for polio and then a drug to treat polio after you got the vaccine?" 9/5/22

09/11/22 ‘Metal-Like Objects’ Found in 94 Percent of Group Who Had Symptoms After Taking mRNA Vaccines: Study 9/10/22

09/11/22 ‘Unethical’ and up to 98 Times Worse Than the Disease: Top Scientists Publish Paradigm-Shifting Study About COVID-19 Vaccines 9/10/22

08/24/22 Why do they think they can get away with it? They always have.

08/23/22 C19 Shot Creating Explosion of Breast and Ovarian Cancer 8/22/22 

08/18/22 Natural News releases post-vaccine clot ICP-MS elemental analysis results, comparing clots to human blood … findings reveal these clots are NOT “blood” clots 8/17/22

08/18/22 Do you know how many people have been killed worldwide by their governments from the COVID shots? 8/16/22

08/18/22 Dr. James A Thorp, MD: email letter written to The American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the Executive Director Dr. George Wendel; he documented severe adverse outcomes

08/17/22 Another Criminal Caught In His Own Lies 8/17/22

08/16/22 Vaccine Safe? satire

08/15/22 Govt Database Reveals 10,000% Increase in Cancer Reports Linked to COVID Vaccines 8/11/31

08/12/22 Let the Scrambling For Cover Begin!! Pam Popper 8/12/22

08/12/22 Eugenics: Vaccine Injuries & Death Skyrocket! – 1 In 6 “Fully” Jabbed Face Severe Illness Or Death! 8/12/22

08/4/22 Doctor Announces $25 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against Houston Methodist Following Suspension 7/26/22

08/04/22 The first U.S. hospital system to enforce a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all employees could now be facing a staffing shortage because of a rise in infections. 7/18/22

08/04/22 COVID-19 Vaccines Hinder the Immune System, Lead to More Severe Illness: Dr. Robert Malone 8/2/22

08/03/22 Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - short video on long term effects of vaccine - Facebook

08/03/22 Vaccine is safe - satire

07/27/22 UNFORGIVABLE – 125 Children Dead, 1K Disabled & 50K injured due to Covid-19 Vaccination in the USA 7/28/22

07/27/22 Clots in the blood from the "vaccine" that are not blood clots 7/27/22

07/25/22 Battling the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex With Dr. Peter McCullough – Full Interview 7/7/22

07/25/22 Uruguay Halts COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids Under 13, Judge Demands Government Officials Turn Over Pfizer Contracts 7/8/22

07/18/22 SPERM devastating damage due to COVID injection 7/16/22

07/18/22 Colorado Has Dropped the State Vax Mandate for Healthcare Workers 7/16/22

07/18/22 White Clots Grow Mysterious Ball Sacks;  7/15/22

07/18/22 Arrogant Reporter Who Promoted Covid Vax Has Heart Attack On Live TV  1/5/22

07/18/22 The end of Covid-19 vaccine safety science in America

07/18/22 Website:

07/18/22 UK: In England 90% of COVID Deaths Since April Among Triple Vaccinated 7/17/22

07/18/22 Dr. Marty Makary Says CDC and NIH Employees are Leaving in Droves 7/17/22

07/18/22 Our decisions are only as good as the information we have to make those decisions. 7/18/22

07/18/22 SABOTAGE? – Dr. Birx Admits to Revising and HIDING Info From Trump’s COVID Team, While Altering CDC Guidelines Without Approval. 7/17/22

07/18/22 The COVID shots and Skin disorders 7/16/22

07/18/22 Are all vaccines bad?  7/18/22

06/30/22 Dr. Zelenko passes on 6/30/22

06/23/22 Canada - FOI documents Released! Bonnie Henry's FORCED Email Dump Shows She Knew Bad Things Were Happening From The V's... 6/15/22

05/30/22 In the internal trials, there were over 42,000 adverse events and more than 1200 people died. Four of the people who died, died on the day they were injected.  5/29/22

05/30/22 Why are ulcers and growths appearing in people getting regular COVID tests? 5/18/22

05/16/22 CDC's pregnancy advice is terrible 5/14/22

05/11/22 What is causing Hepatitis in children? 5/11/22

05/11/22 New Data from Walgreens Reveals Unvaccinated Have the Lowest Positivity Rate for COVID — Triple and Double Vaxxed Groups Have the Worst Rate  5/9/22

04/29/22 Australia deaths go through the roof 4/27/22

04/27/22 A Potential Pathological Nightmare Injected Into the Arms of Billions of People: Dr. Ryan Cole 4/26/22

04/15/22 So many people participating in making bio-weapons

04/15/22 Part 1 of 3 - Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals BOMBSHELL origins of covid, mRNA vaccines and remdesivir 4/12/22

04/15/22 Part 2/3 - Dr. Bryan Ardis reveals BOMBSHELL origins of covid, mRNA vaccines and treatments 4/12/22

04/15/22 The Dr. Ardis Show: Dr. Bryan Ardis, DC 4/13/2022

04/15/22 Snake venom company Venomtech announces partnership with Charles River Laboratories, which ran Fauci’s “secret island” of medical experiments on monkeys and beagles 4/14/22

04/11/22 The Covid Jabs DO Affect Female Fertility 4/8/22

04/07/22 Tucker Carlson Today with Dr Robert Malone 2/10/22

04/04/22 Buried Bombshell: Tennis World Rocked as FIFTEEN “Fully Vaccinated” Players Unable to Finish Miami Open 4/2/22

03/21/22 EVIDENCE of Nanotechnology & Graphene Oxide in COVID-19 Injections – Dr. Shelton & Sue Grey with Maria Zeee 3/21/22

EPOCH Times - DC Removes 24 Percent of Child COVID-19 Deaths, Thousands of Others 3/18/22

03/21/22 Advice to survive the next set [13:00] 3/15/22

03/21/22 Bioweapon Labs – bombs [12:00], salt depletion [26:00] 3/2/22

03/13/22 Dr. David Martin Details His Lawsuit Against Joe Biden—Exposes Pfizer and Their Business Dealings 3/13/22

03/13/22 The CDC Quietly Updated Their Guidelines for COVID, Finally Admitting the Value of Early Treatment 3/13/22

03/10/22 1 Out Of Every 35 In Pfizer Study — DEAD 3/8/22

03/10/22 More people died from vaccine than placebo 3/8/22

03/10/22 Pfizer Redacted the Number of Vaccine Doses Given to Conceal the Mortality Rate of the Shot 3/10/22

03/06/22 Video Exposes Doctor who Lied about Ivermectin to Stop its Use! 3/4/22

03/04/22 Dissecting Ukraine Biolabs with Dr. Lee Merritt 3/2/22

03/05/22 CDC admits they were wrong about effectiveness of the vaccines

03/04/22  A Summary of Data From Great Britain Reveals That 9 Out of 10 People Dying of COVID Are Vaccinated 3/2/22

03/04/22 12 times more likely to die if jabbed 3/3/22

02/28/22 COVID-19 VAERS Reports 2/26/22

02/28/22 C19 Vaccine Stakeholder's - You've Lost ! - Share - Download - Repost 2/4/22

02/27/22 Poison Control Centers Warn About on Toxic Chemical in At-home COVID-19 Test Kits 2/27/22

02/27/22 Does Ivermectin Cure Cancer? 2/25/22

02/27/22 Mel K Live From The Peoples Convoy Day 3 With Ann Vandersteel 2-26-22 

02/25/22 In Israel, One of the Most Vaccinated Nations in the World, Funeral Directors are Reporting More Than a Tenfold Increase In Deaths 2/24/22

02/23/22 FDNY Union Head Seeks Investigation Into Recent Dept. Deaths And COVID Jabs 2/22/22

02/23/22 UK data noose on the masses - vaccine stakeholders what have you done? 2/22/22

02/15/22 Slow Acting Lethal Injections Already Dosed Half the Planet – Dr. Ben Marble 2/14/22

02/07/22 Where We Are Today  2/5/22

02/07/22 Canada fight against the mandates - Personal Security of Trudeau resigns 2/5/22

02/06/22 Big Picture - Clay Clark

01/31/22 Exposing Military Corruption 1/27/22

01/30/22 Collins, Fauci, and Gates - crimes against humanity 1/30/22

01/28/22 Web Site:  We The Patriots USA

01/28/22 ‘Banned’ Methods Used To Treat 150,000+ COVID Patients By Doctors Organization Had Only Four Deaths 1/28/22

01/28/22 Demonic Pedophiles Target Kids: Government Ad Promotes Pedophilia, Transgenderism & Vaxx On Kids 1/27/22

01/28/22 Dr. Tenpenny on Stew Peters 1/27/22

01/28/22 Frontline Nurses Take Stand: Hero RN’s Rescuing Captives Being Held For Execution 1/27/22

01/26/22 Intracranial infection cases up 60-fold since vaccines rolled out 1/15/22

01/26/22 On Tucker Carlson - Stop the Jab now before it is too late 1/26/22

01/26/22 Medical Treason Killing Soldiers: Intentional Harm, Death carried Out By Military Command 1/26/22

01/26/22 Military Vax Data Rocks DC: Catastrophic Injury Toll Exposed At Sen. Johnson Hearing 1/25/22

01/26/22 Military- 300% increase in cancer, 114,645 cases, 1000% increase in neurological issues, 863,000, 269% increase in heart attacks, 291% increase in Bell’s palsy, 156% increase in congenital malformations for military kids, 471% increase in female infertility, and 467% increase in pulmonary embolisms 1/26/22

01/26/22 FDA Broke Pfizer’s EUA Shield: Liability Protection Gone, Time To Bring Down The Gavel 1/26/22

01/26/22 Worldwide Exclusive: Embalmers Find Veins & Arteries Filled with Never Before Seen Rubbery Clots 1/26/22

01/19/22 England Ends All COVID Passports, Mask Mandates, Work Restrictions 1/19/22

01/18/22 Five nurses speak out about what is really going on in hospitals 1/17/22

01/18/22 Incriminating evidence 1/17/22

01/18/22 DOJ Docs Obtained by Judicial Watch Confirm Communication Between FBI & Pfizer about Project Veritas 1/18/22

01/17/22 COVID-19 Following The Money | The Highwire with Del Bigtree 1/13/22

01/16/22 In Australia, a group of people created a human barricade to defend a business

01/16/22 Bill Gates admits "duration appears to be limited" 1/15/22

01/16/22 Documents Show Bill Gates Gave $319 Million to Media Outlets 1/12/16

01/16/22 Maine Doctor Of 41 Years Gets License Suspended For Speaking Against Mainstream Covid Narrative 1/16/22

01/12/22 DARPA - too dangerous - Fauci funded

01/12/22 New big data study of 145 countries show COVID vaccines makes things worse (cases and deaths) 1/9/22

01/11/22 Downing Street staff were invited to a drinks party in the Number 10 garden during the height of nationwide lockdown to "make the most of the lovely weather" 1/10/22

01/10/22 Massive 145-Country Study Shows Sharp INCREASE of Transmission and DEATH After Introduction of COVID Vaccines 1/9/22

01/10/22 Omincron also from a lab? 1/9/22

01/10/22 Fully vaxxed and boosted AOC tests positive for COVID 1/10/22

01/10/22 Study Confirms That COVID Jab May Affect Women’s Menstrual Cycles 1/8/22

01/10/22 20 Million Americans Sick From COVID Vaccine

01/08/22  Cancers in remission are no longer in remission. Why are highly vaccinated countries experiencing COVID outbreaks? Dr. Bridle explains. 11/10/21

01/08.22 Macron makes money every time the lipid nanoparticles surrounding the mRNA poison is injected into a Canadian because he owns part of the rights to it

01/08/22 Germany Omicron Cases: UnVaxxed 186; Vaxxed 4,020

01/08/22 Burial costs covered for Canadians killed by approved vaccines 8/23/21

01/08/22 89% of the Covid-19 deaths are among the fully vaccinated and that the vaccinated are up to 5 times as likely to die if infected with Covid-19 than the unvaccinated.

01/07/22 Covid19 Vaccine Boosted Case Numbers - 10 weeks straight and it is UK Government Data !! 1/3/22

01/07/22 Evidence: No Vials Are Safe, Full Stop: Terminate Covid-Injection Program Now 1/7/22

01/07/22 Gaslighting from the WHO 1/5/21

May 8, 2021 - 57 Top Scientists and Doctors Release Shocking Study on COVID Vaccines and Demand Immediate Stop to All Vaccinations

01/07/22 ATTEMPTED MEDICAL MURDER, Victim (John O’ Looney) Flees Hospital! 7/6/22

01/07/22 Uncovering the Corona Narrative: Was Everything Carefully Planned?  7/6/22

01/07/22 Physician's assistant speaks out from front lines

01/06/22 Gates, Fauci, and Daszak charged with Genocide in Court Filing 12/20/21

01/06/22 Proof vaccines are killing (causes TB,shingles, cancer, herpes, etc.) Dr Sucharit Bhakdi: Organs Of Dead Vaccinated Proves Auto Immune attack  

01/06/22 Official German Government data suggests the Fully Vaccinated will develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome by the end of January 2022 1/2/22

01/06/22 New studies show that the COVID vaccines damage your immune system, likely permanently 12/24/21

01/05/22 Dr. Peter McCullough Explains How Myocarditis Differs When Caused by Natural Infection vs Vaccine 10/27/21

01/05/22 The Pfizer Inoculations For COVID-19 – More Harm Than Good 12/29/21

01/03/22 Fighting Back 1/1/22

12/31/21 'PAPERS, PLEASE': Holocaust Museum Makes Visitors Present Vaccine Passport To Enter 12/31/21

12/31/21 Follow The Science? Twitter Suspends mRNA Vaccine Inventor Dr. Robert Malone Who Questioned COVID Jab 12/29/21

12/31/21 Aaron Rodgers Drops A Bomb: Implies NFL Teams Secretly Using “Horse Dewormer” To Treat COVID+ Players 12/30/21

12/31/21 The dangers of child masking

12/29/21 Fauci indicts himself

12/29/21 COVID-19 Pandemic used to drive people to take gene therapy

12/29/21 Doctors in New Zealand given bonuses to kill COVID patients 12/26/21

12/29/21 New studies show that the COVID vaccines damage your immune system, likely permanently 12/24/21

12/29/21 NY Times Editor, 49, Dies One Day After Moderna Booster Jab 12/27/21

12/29/21 Pathology Results Show 93% of People Who Died After Being Vaccinated Were Killed By the Vaccine  12/28/21

12/29/21 Rand Paul: Thousands Dying Due to Fauci Pushing Vaccines 12/29/21

12/29/21 339 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 193 Dead, After COVID Shot

12/29/21 Government’s Bounty on Your Life: Hospitals’ Incentive Payments for COVID-19 are About $100K per COVID Patient 11/18/21

12/22/21 Vaccine companies coordinating lethal lots?  12/20/21

12/21/21 Murdering COVID Patients in the Name of Treatment 12/21/21

12/21/21 The Holocaust of the 21 Century! How Did We Forget? 12/20/21

12/21/21 FOIA Confirms Jab is Deadly: Pfizer, FDA Caught Hiding Bioweapon Deaths 12/20/21

12/21/21 CDC Admits Vaxxed Parents Killing Unvaxxed Kids! PCR test contaminated and 95% positive. 12/20/21

12/21/21 Aborted fetal cells and vaccines - a scandal much bigger than Pfizer's whistleblower ever imagined 10/18/21

12/21/21 NHL Halts Season Over Covid Surge Despite Being 99.5% “Fully Vaccinated” 12/21/21

12/21/21 WHO confirms that people who are jabbed are most likely going to catch Omicron 12/21/21

12/20/21 COVID-19 Vaccine Causes AIDS Warns Dr. Zelenko 12/10/21

12/19/21 Dr. Joseph Ladapo: Florida's Answer Is Early Treatment Rather Than Restrictions Or Mandates 12/17/21

12/19/21 Criminal Lawsuit Filed Against Bill Gates In India For AstraZeneca Covid Jab Death 12/19/21

12/19/21 COVID Effectively Eradicated In Population of 241 Million, Only 16% Jabbed, Big Media Silent 10/19/21

12/19/21 Dr. Zev Zelenko’s Stunning Interview on “ReFounding America” 12/9/21

12/17/21 Covid Vaccine Manufacturers Worried Refugees Could Sue Them Following Adverse Reactions Hmmm... 12/16/21

12/17/21 "Just a harmless test swab?" Werner Bergholz | COMMENTARY #28 SPECIAL 12/14/21

12/16/21 A Nurse's Report From a Hospital - Every protocol hastened death 12/16/21

12/15/21 Dr. Vernon Coleman: Here’s Why Most of the Jabbed Will Die Early

12/15/21 Dying COVID-19 Patient Recovers After Court Orders Hospital to Administer Ivermectin 12/1/21

12/15/21 Fauci - "This would not be the first time, if it happened, that a vaccine that looked good in initial safety actually made people worse."

12/15/21 Time to Arrest Covid Tyrants: Notice: Public Officials Are Committing Felony Crimes 12/15/21

12/10/21 This Is How We Win The Psychological Warfare Attack By The Deep State Globalists

12/10/21 Analysis of Mask Data [Mask are not effective in preventing COVID-19] 12/10/21

12/09/21 HUGE! Glenn Beck on Tucker Carlson: US Doctors Were Reviewing Moderna Vaccine In December 2019 Before COVID Hit the US 12/8/21

12/09/21 Dr Zelenko exposes how Dr Rick Bright's Very Bad move sabotaged early Covid treatment killing masses 11/2/21

12/09/21 Dr. Ariyana Love: Covid-19 Patent Horrors 12/9/21

12/09/21 German Study Suggests Nearly All COVID Deaths Were Preventable With A Simple Inexpensive Vitamin (D3) 12/9/21

12/08/21 Ask Dr. Jane: Bioweapon Shots Damaging Immunity With Each Booster 12/8/21

12/08/21 Jab Causing More Deaths Due To Decreased Immune System – Funeral Director John O’Looney 12/8/21

12/07/21 Dr. Tenpenny on the Spiritual Implications of COVID Injections 12/7/21

12/07/21 Murder of Children Begins: First Responders: Audio Rescue of 11 YR Old Collapse After Jab! 12/6/21

12/06/21 Here is the Shocking Next Phase of the Scamdemic Warns Healthcare Whistleblower 9/28/21

12/06/21 Dr. Ariyana Love: Graphene Covid Kill Shots, Let The Evidence Speak For Itself 12/3/21

12/06/21 Dr. Peter McCullough On The Omicron ‘Scariant’ – May Have Come From The Jabbed 12/5/21

12/02/21 Jabbed Athletes Dropping Dead: Elite Athletes at Peak Condition Collapsing 12/1/21

12/02/21 Biden’s Bounty on Your Life: Hospitals’ Incentive Payments for COVID-19 11/17/21

12/01/21 Nurse reports opposite of what press is saying

12/01/21 Dr. Bhakdi Explains Why COVID Vaccines Can NEVER Work 11/30/21

12/01/21 Maskless Jill Biden Forced Military Kids To Wear Masks At Her Christmas Event [VIDEO] 11/30/21

12/01/21 Oxford Professor Uses Data To Show Masks Don’t Work Against COVID-19  11/30/21

11/30/21 Bioweapon Contracts Exposed: Pfizer Making Billions Off EU Tyrannical Mandates 11/29/21

11/29/21 Home Remedies for Small Pox

11/29/21 A List Of People Who Had Their Leg Amputated Shortly After Receiving a COVID-19 Shot - Medical Kidnap

11/28/21 Stillbirths up 1700% amoung fully vaccinated

11/26/21 The Evidence

11/22/21 Jessica Rose to speak about her censored peer-reviewed Vaers paper that she wrote with Peter Mcculough 11/7/21

11/22/21 Vax - Premeditated Murder 7/19/21

11/22/21 total number of deaths reported in the vaccinated group was nearly one-quarter higher than the number of deaths in the placebo group. 11/17/21

11/22/21 In their own words-the vaccine circus 11/18/21

11/20/21 Big Pharma Pushes Fake Ivermectin That Causes CANCER! 10/8/21

11/19/21 FDA report finds all-cause mortality higher among vaccinated 11/17/21

11/17/21 Ohio refuses to release COVID-19 death data 11/18/21

11/17/21 If you are taking HCQ, you are fully vaccinated 11/14/21

11/17/21 Victims speak out - Ron Johnson 11/5/21

11/17/21 PROOF: Kids Will Die, Pfizer Knew 11/17/21

11/12/21 Dr. David Martin: Who “They” Are: “The Names and Faces of the People Who Are Killing Humanity” 11/11/21

11/12/21 Cardiologist Who Wanted To Punch Antivaxxers In The Face, Dies Suddenly After COVID Booster Shot 11/12/21

11/12/21 CDC Admits crushing rights of naturally immune without any evidence

11/12/21 The HIV/AIDS Children of the 1980s and 90s - Dr. Fauci horrific experiments

11/11/21 Pfizer’s History Of Killing Kids: Malkin Shares What Every Parent Must Know 11/11/21


11/11/21 Taiwan halts 2nd-dose BioNTech vaccinations for ages 12-17 amid concerns of myocarditis 11/10/21

11/10/21 EXCLUSIVE – VAERS data shows 100% of reported Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths were caused by just 5% of batches produced and the majority were sent to red Republican States across the USA 11/3/21

11/09/21 Bayer Pharmaceuticals President Admits mRNA “Vaccines” Are Cell and Gene Therapy and The Public Would Not Have Agreed to Take Them If It Were Not for the “Pandemic” 11/6/21

11/09/21 Rabbinical Court decrees mRNA jab “Absolutely Forbidden” for children, adolescents, young men & women 11/6/21

11/04/21 Even from NPR: But now, they're too full. Even in parts of the country where COVID-19 isn't overwhelming the health system, patients are showing up to the ER sicker than they were before the pandemic, their diseases more advanced and in need of more complicated care. 10/26/21

11/04/21 the booster shots are “10 times more potent” than the first series of shots that are responsible for the death of nearly 20,000 documented on just the VAERS site 11/3/21

11/03/21 Scandal: Fact Checkers Paid by Big Pharma to Supress Vaxx Deaths 11/2/21

11/03/21 EXCLUSIVE – 100% of Covid-19 Vaccine Deaths were caused by just 5% of the batches produced according to official Government data 10/31/21

10/30/21 Ivermectin DENIED To Dying COVID Patient By Wisconsin Supreme Court As Family Fights To Save His Life 10/29/21

10/28/21 According to the most recent data that was published by the CDC, Florida now owns the LOWEST rate of new Covid-19 cases in the nation on a per capita basis. The state checks in well below several other democrat havens, including ones that employ the most restrictive mandates (California, New York), and also the states with the highest vaccination rates in the country (Vermont, Rhode Island). 10/28/21

10/27/21 FDA TORCHED, Over Child COVID Vaccine Advisory Panel Vote, By Dr. Jessica Rose 10/27/19

10/27/21 Fully Jabbed COVID Deaths Make Up ASTOUNDING Percentage in Sweden and UK For September 10/27/19

10/26/21 Anthony Fauci Has Been Abusing Animals for 40 Years 10/24/21


10/26/21 FAUCI'S MASS GENOCIDE 9/1/21

10/21/21 CT Technologist's Resignation: "I'm Not Afraid Of Losing Every Last Comfort That I Have To Stand Up For What Is Right" 10/18/21

10/21/21 Florida Surgeon General & DeSantis DESTROY The Case for Masking Kids In Under 3 Minutes 10/21/21

10/20/21 What Will You Choose? 10/18/21

10/19/21 Dr. Stella with Stew Peters - Get prepared NOW 10/19/21

10/18/21 Pfizer Whistleblower Claims Vaccines Glow, Contains Graphene Oxide Or Luciferase, It’s ALL An Experiment 10/16/21

10/14/21 Father Savvas Agioritis: What is to come for those who are vaccinated 9/26/21 Transcription of the translation here.

10/14/21 100-200 members of Congress and their families and staffers have been treated with IVM, saved themselves and stayed silent
10/14/21 Nurse Kirsty shares her harrowing testimony with Nurse Kate 4/10/21

10/14/21 99.7% of Waterford adults fully vaccinated against COVID-19 - Waterford now has highest incidence of COVID in Ireland

10/14/21 Which vaccine did you get?  Saline solution or a parasite?  10/12/21

10/14/21 New Study Finds Over-The-Counter Drug Can Lower The Risk Of COVID-19, MSM Attacks 10/13/21

10/14/21 In Taiwan, the number of people dying after their COVID vaccination is exceeding the number of deaths from the virus itself. 10/14/21

10/13/21 First-Hand Account: Vaxx Deaths Alarming to Military Barber 10/13/21

10/12/21 Respiratory Therapist Blows Whistle: “I’m Watching People DIE” 10/12/21

10/12/21 Mark of the Beast - cannot buy nor sell 10/7/21

10/12/21 Texas Governor Issues Executive Order Banning Vaccine Mandates by Any Entity 10/11/21

10/11/21 Pilot dies in flight 10/11/21

10/11/21 Iceland suspends Moderna Vaccine 10/9/21

Europe Completely BANS the Moderna Vaccine for Young People Due to HIGH RISK of Heart Inflammation  10/8/21

10/8/21 Emergency doctor says authorities are “standing in the way of life-saving medications” 10/6/21

10/8/21 48 Page Report - Spartacus Letter 9/28/21

10/8/21 Americans Being LIED to About COVID Shots & Death, Dr. Katz Warns 10/7/21

10/6/21 Video Emerges of Fauci and HHS Plotting TO Stage Massive Health Scare Using "New Virus" 10/4/21

10/6/21 Pfizer Whistleblower Leaks Execs Emails: ‘We Want to Avoid Having Info on Fetal Cells Out There' 10/6/21

10/6/21 VAXX VIALS Breaking Development: Discs Carry “Mystery Payload” 10/6/21

10/6/21 “My Jaw DROPPED”: Blood Tests Before & After Covid Jab Prove Shot OBLITERATES Immune System, Doctor Claims 10/6/21

10/5/21 Dr. Reiner Fuellmich interview with Dr. Tenpenny 9/27/21

10/5/21 BREAKING: AI-powered DoD data analysis program named “Project Salus” SHATTERS official vaccine narrative, shows A.D.E. accelerating in the fully vaccinated with each passing week

10/2/21 Thousands more people than usual are dying ... but it’s not from Covid

10/1/21 Print and take to hospital to use Ivermectin (NIH approval of Ivermectin (second one down) for COVID-19 Treatement)

10/1/21 Dr. Bryan Ardis | The COVID-19 Hospital Protocols Have Turned Hospitals Into Modern-Day Gas Chambers 9/28/21

10/1/21 Why People Are Doing What They Are Doing 9/30/21

Doctor Exposes Covid Vaccine Attacking Blood Cells 9/29/21

9/30/21 Dr. Carrie Madej: First U.S. Lab Examines “Vaccine” Vials, HORRIFIC Findings Revealed 9/29/21

9/29/21 More on Remdesivir killing patients 9/27/21

9/29/21 Tom Renz - verified deaths, shedding, numbers are bigger than reported 9/29/21

9/29/21 NEVER BEFORE SEEN! “Vaccine” Victims’ Bodies IN BATTLE! 9/27/21

9/29/21 Whistleblower - Most patients vaccinated, unvaccinated catching from vaccinated [20:00 mark] 9/27/21

9/28/21 COVID Vaccines Are Helping Cancer Spread? – Dr. Ryan Cole with Del Bigtree [VIDEO] 9/26/21


Dr. Ryan Cole - Stop the Mandate 8/13/21

9/28/21 Dr. Vladimir Zelenko takes a BIG RISK by telling all

9/24/21 An Oregon Doc Loses His License-For Telling the Truth and not lying 9/24/21

9/23/21 Funeral Director - What they are planning next 9/23/21

9/23/21 Member of the FDA vax panel reveals the Covid-19 Vaccines are killing at least 2 people for every 1 life they save as they vote 16 – 2 against the approval of booster shots 9/18/21

9/22/21 Ivermectine being restricted by government (about 29 minutes)

9/21/21 Ultra-Vaxxed, Booster-Heavy Israel Now Has More Covid Infections per Capita Than Any Country in the World 9/3/21

9/20/21 Physician’s Assistant BLASTS Vaccine Side Effects Noticeable Increase - Not being reported 9/20/21

9/20/21 PART 1: Federal Govt HHS Whistleblower Goes Public With Secret Recordings "Vaccine is Full of Sh*t" 9/20/21

9/20/21 India State of 241 MILLION People Declared COVID-Free After Government Promotes Ivermectin 9/18/21

9/20/21 ICU Nurse Nicole Whitley drops bombs - "You're being lied to" 8/21/21

9/20/21 Funeral Director Blows The Whistle On COVID-19 - Delta variant is vaccine injury 9/20/21

9/20/21 Killing people using Remdesivir

9/16/21 Dr. Carrie Madej and Dr. Christiane Northrup on preparing for what is coming 9/10/21

9/15/21 British Nursing Alliance 9/13/21

9/15/21 Respiratory Therapist Drops Truth Bombs All Over “COVID” LIES! 9/14/21

9/15/21 EXCLUSIVE! Veronica Wolski’s Power of Attorney Speaks Out After Tyrannical Killing 9/14/21

9/15/21 WOW: Facebook Post from TV Station Accidentally Reveals More People are Dying from the Vaccine than the Media is Reporting

9/14/21 CDC Claims COVID Is Deadlier Now, In So-Called Fourth Wave, Than It Was When Nobody Was Vaccinated During Second Wave 9/13/21

9/14/21 Adolescent Boys at Higher Risk of Hospitalization From Pfizer Vaccine Than From COVID 9/13/21

9/14/21 Two Healthcare Insiders at Aegis Living Blow Whistle on Alleged Elder Abuse and Medical Fraud 9/14/21

9/13/21 Web site : America Out Loud - Liberty and Justice for All

9/13/21 COVID Vaccine Breakthrough Info by Dr. Peter McCullough 9/13/21

9/12/21 Dr. Judy Mikovits, Former Pfizer Employee And Panel Responds To Biden's Mandate Of The Vax - Disease of the vaccinated passing to the vulnerable  9/10/21

9/10/21 Children: 14 dead, 73 permanently blind, 48 permanently deaf due to "vaccine"

9/09/21 CDC Quietly Changes Definition of “Vaccine”, MASSIVE Deception Continues 9/9/21

9/09/21 23,252 Deaths 2,189,537 Injured Following COVID Shots Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions 9/3/21

9/07/21 Doctors and nurses face tough decisions. My career as an emergency physician had always provided me an opportunity to practice my religious and ethical beliefs of honesty and kindness, while making a good living. Now maintaining the career I love would require participating in the deception, violating my oath and spiritual beliefs, and in my opinion committing crimes against humanity as defined by the Nuremberg Code. 9/6/21 -3 months

9/06/21 Stew Peters Show: Labor Day BOMBS! Fraud Exposed, Ivermectin For Refugees, Americans Being KILLED! 9/06/21

9/06/21 “The New Ovens” – Dr. Jane Ruby Describes Hospitals, Ventilators KILLING Americans

9/06/21 Whistleblower Nurse: Hospitals Are Full Of Vaccinated Patients, Official Narrative is A Lie

9/06/21 Nurse Blows The Lid Off The Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated Narrative 9/5/21

9/06/21 What to Do If You’ve Gotten the COVID Shot – Dr. Vladimir Zelenko 8/26/21

9/03/21 The Control Group Litigation  Update 8/26/21

9/03/21 Sweden Bans Travelers From Israel, One of the Most Vaccinated Nations 9/2/21

9/03/21 Dr. Robert Malone, mRNA Vaccine Inventor, on Latest COVID-19 Data, Booster Shots, and the Shattered Scientific ‘Consensus’ (Part 1)  9/2/21

9/03/21 Dr. Bryan Ardis explains how Fauci used Remdesivir to murder COVID-19 patients (start around 9:50:00 mark) 8/27/21

9/02/21 EPOCH TIMES - "Vaccinated" hospitalized more that unvaccinated (15,634 vs. 3,038) 9/1/21

9/01/21 Get documents from Bryan Ardis

9/01/21 Japan suspends use of Moderna injections after “metallic particles” found in vials; country continues using Ivermectin to treat COVID-19  9/01/21

9/01/21 Midazolam was used to prematurely end the lives of thousands who you were told had died of Covid-19 and we can prove it 8/29/21

9/01/21 Censorship in the Healthcare Field 8/29/21

8/31/21 Mass PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL 8/3/21

8/31/21 Web Site: Zero Manditory Vaxx
8/30/21 Experimental gene therapies using abortion derived cell lines  6/2/21

8/30/21 Early Treatment Virtually Eliminates Long-Haul Syndrome 3/5/21

8/26/21 Vaxxed patients' blood examined, horrific findings revealed by German physicians! 8/19/21

8/26/21 VAXX Misinformation Leads Kids Directly Into Danger, Hospitalization, Death 8/2/21

8/26/21 The Plexiglass Barriers are Useless or Worse  8/24/21

8/25/21 GAB - No Vax Mandate Job Board

8/25/21 Vaccinated People Getting COVID, Becoming Worried As Scientists Can’t Provide Answers 8/23/21

8/23/21 Stew Peters interviews Dr. Zelenko 8/14/21

8/20/21 One of the most important videos you will watch (not easy), COVID-19 is not their first rodeo

8/20/21 Ryan Cole MD - A scientific clarification of what these injections do in the head and other organs of the vaccinated people

8/19/21 IT’S WORSE THAN WE THOUGHT! Fauci and Top US Doctors Caught! They CONSPIRED to Disqualify Hydroxychloroquine as COVID Treatment — MILLIONS DEAD AS A RESULT 6/7/21

8/17/21 Three Presidents Who Opposed Covid Vaccines Have Conveniently Died, Replaced by Pro-Vaxxers

8/16/21 Doctors and Lawyers explain health/legal ramifications of Jab mandates

8/16/21 Website -

8/16/21 Our First Hand ICU Story - What is ACTUALLY Killing People In The Hospital

Another patient not being treated for pneumonia because diagnosed with COVID

8/16/21  Attorney Thomas Renz Drops BOMBS! Hospital Administrators Killing For Cash, Threatening Docs

8/12/21 Dr. Mike Yeadon: They are lying to you all the time. 8/6/21

8/12/21 Weight-Adjusted Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin Boosted Survival of Ventilated COVID-19 Patients by 200 Percent: Study 6/9/21


8/7/21 COVID experimental gene therapy exemption forms

8/4/21 The HMS Queen Elizabeth reported an outbreak of 100 COVID-19 cases among 3700 fully vaccinated, socially distanced, and masked sailors

7/8/21 Form for employer to fill out BEFORE you get the jab

7/4/21 COVID-19 Jab facts

7/2/21 An Interview with Dr. Peter Breggin, author of COVID-19: The Global Predators 7/1/21

6/30/21 "FRAUD OF UNPRECEDENTED PROPORTIONS"-- Lisbon Court Confirms Citizen's Petition That Portugal's Covid Deaths Stats Were FABRICATED: Only 152 Died "Of Covid" Not 17,000


6/30/21 Resolving “Long-Haul COVID” and Vaccine Toxicity: Neutralizing the Spike Protein

6/29/21 Jim Jordan on Dr. Fauci's corruption

6/29/21 Thousands of flights cancelled as vaccinated pilots fall ill or die

6/26/21 Myocarditis and the COVID Vaccines

6/23/01 Nearly 4,000 Fully Vaccinated People in Massachusetts Test Positive for COVID-19 6/22/21

6/23/21 Pfizer Confirms COVID-Vaccinated People Can ‘Shed’ Spike Proteins And Harm The Unvaccinated 5/4/21

6/23/21 The "Vaccine" Magnetic Phenomenon Was Warned About By This Doctor In 1995 6/22/21

6/23/21 Dr. Sherri Tenpenny: COVID Was Created To Scare World To Take Injection That Will Kill Them (Video) 3/26/21

6/22/21 Dr. Yeadon Warns: Children 50 TIMES More Likely to Die from Covid Vaccine Than From Virus 6/9/21

6/22/21 "Global Time Bomb" First case of postmortem study of patient vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2; "viral RNA found in every organ of the body" 6/13/21

6/22/21 ‘Let Us Try To Do This Next Weekend’: Emails Show Fauci Planning To Dine With Friend During Lockdowns 6/9/21

6/22/21 United Airlines, union agree against mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for pilots 5/24/21

6/22/21 Study: Moderate-certainty evidence finds that large reductions in COVID-19 deaths are possible using ivermectin. 6/17/21

6/19/21 Chinese virus vaccine produces 'toxic' effects, British researchers call on govt. to halt use  6/17/21

6/19/21 Four Healthy British Airways Pilots Die in One Week – Airline Says No Link to Covid-19 Vaccine 6/17/21

6/18/21 Hundreds of Vaccinated Indonesian Health Workers Get COVID-19, Dozens in Hospital 6/17/21

6/15/21 Dr. Wendy Scinta - Chistopher McDonald

6/9/21 Breakthrough: Ivermectin inhibits the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein from binding to ACE2 receptors in human tissue 6/9/21

6/9/21 Weight-Adjusted Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin Boosted Survival of Ventilated COVID-19 Patients by 200 Percent: Study 6/9/21



6/4/21 Tucker: Fauci deserves to be under 'criminal investigation' 6/2/21

6/2/21 World-Renowned Academic Physician Blows Lid Off COVID Vaccines 5/29/31

6/2/21 JD Farag - 2,000 responses to vaccine experiences, only about 15 with no negative reactions  5/30/21

6/2/21 Form for Employees Whose Employers Are Requiring Covid-19 Injections – Put It Back On Them! 5/5/21

6/2/21 Number of women to lose their unborn child after having the Covid Vaccine increases by 2000% in just fourteen weeks 5/16/21

6/2/21 30 Yrs Ago, Dr. Robert Willner Accused Anthony Fauci Of Genocide 5/17/21

6/1/21 Infectious disease is ravaging India, from tuberculosis to malaria, as covid vaccines cause severe inflammation, weakening the population role of vaccinations in India’s SURGING death rate can no longer be denied 5/23/21

5/30/21 Dr. Peter McCullough is NO LONGER RECOMMENDING YOU GET VACCINATED! 5/30/21

5/27/21 Lawsuit filed for Temporary Restraining Order to stop COVID-19 experimental gene therapy in children 5/27/21

5/26/21 COVID-19 Website 5/26/21

5/26/21 No benefit, increase risk (Dr. Fleming, k 5/26/21

5/19/21 BOMBSHELL: Connecticut govt. secretly tells health care workers covid vaccines are DEADLY, but withholds the same information from the public 5/18/21

5/19/21 What is Health - Karladine and panel discuss issues of health including latest information on Covid and the Covid Jab. 5/18/21

5/17/21 Dr Stella Immanuel warns about the covid vaccine: A LUCIFERIAN agenda targeting humanity 5/14/21

5/14/21 Pam Popper - COVID Vaccines are NOT Safe and Effective 5/13/21

5/13/21 Eric Clapton after COVID vaccination: 'I should never have gone near the needle'

5/13/21 Covid Doctor says Government Hiding Unprecedented Numbers of Injection-Related Deaths 5/4/21

5/13/21 Spike Protein 101 4/20/21

5/13/21 How Many People Are REALLY Dying From 'Vaccine'? Medical Experts Paint Horrific Picture

5/13/21 Third COVID Wave Will Kill Or Hospitalize 60 To 70% People Who Took Both The Vaccine Doses Says Official UK Govt Model 4/26/21

5/12/21 Possible antidote for the experimental gene therapy  5/12/21

5/8/21 Dr. Christiane Northrup, “What’s In the COVID-19 Vaccines?” 4/16/21

5/6/21 proving that the spike protein alone was enough to cause disease 5/2/21

5/6/21 BOMBSHELL: Gates Foundation, DARPA funding self-replicating, weaponized vaccine technology that began under Apartheid, to exterminate Blacks… and now it’s powering the covid vax 5/5/21

5/6/21 Seychelles, which has fully vaccinated more of its population against the coronavirus than any other country, has closed schools and canceled sporting activities for two weeks as infections surge. 5/4/21

5/5/21 Ask The Nurses Podcast - Possible help with illnesses associated with being around people who got the shot

5/4/21 Dr. Mercola Pulls Factual Articles After Receiving Death Threats for Challenging Medical Tyranny 5/4/21

5/2/21 C-19 Vax: Government Cover-up of Greatest Involuntary Clinical Trial Ever – Ledger Report 1114 5/2/21

5/2/21 URGENT! 5 Doctors Agree that COVID-19 Injections are Bioweapons and Discuss What to do About It 4/26/21
 (Dr. Sherri Tenpenny starts talking about Ivermectin as possible protection against COVID-19 shot shedding at about the 48:59 mark)

4/30/21 Pam Popper - The COVID-19 Cult 4/30/21

4/29/21 Human Rights Attorney DESTROYS Orange Co Health Dept Director and School Superintendent…Accuses Them Of Plot To Vaccinate Kids For COVID Without Parental Consent 4/28/19

4/29/21 Carlson: ‘Why the Mask Fetish? Honestly, What’s the Answer? Well, No One Will Say’ 4/28/19


4/26/21 Polish Pastor in Canada visited by swat team again  4/25/19

4/26/21 The study found that immediate use of HCQ, while the patient was still at home, showed significant benefits. 1/28/21

4/19/21 Canadian doctor told to shutup about  permanent disablitiy side effects of vaccine (Moderna) (3 patients disabled 1 died)

4/18/21 Tennessee Freedom Doctors 4/11/21

4/14/21 Texas COVID-19 cases drop after lifting restrictions - Fauci and tyrants object 

4/13/21 Zelenko COVID-19 Treatment protocol

4/13/21 Zelenko COVID-19 Prevention protocol

4/12/21 18 Reasons I Won't Be Getting a Covid Vaccine (4/6/21) 

4/11/21 What happened to the Jews in Germany is happening in Israel today - The same company that manufactured the gas for the concentration camps is demanding all Israel take their vaccine

4/10/21 Steve Hilton unveils new evidence linking COVID-19 origins to US-funded research in China (2/1/21)

4/8/21 New survey of vaccine-free group exposes long-term impact of vaccination policies on public health by Greg Glaser and Pat O’Connell (2/22/21)

4/8/21 UPDATE: CDC Reports 1,637 Deaths Following COVID-19 Vaccinations (March 10)

4/8/21 Health care worker dies after second dose of COVID vaccine, investigations underway

4/8/21 Wife of 'Very Healthy' Physician Who Died Soon After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine Speaks Out About Risks

4/8/21 39-Year-Old Mother Dies After 2nd Dose of Moderna Vaccine: Family

4/7/21 Pam Popper - The Vaccines Cause COVID-19!

4/2/21 It’s ‘entirely possible’ vaccine campaigns ‘will be used for massive-scale depopulation’: Former Pfizer VP

<first timers video 1>3/30/21 Dr. Ryan Cole - Awesome summary of what is going on with COVID-19 and the vaccine.  He speaks in the first 24 minutes. video

Bill Still – The Truth about COVID at last

3/24/21 Dr. Maryanne Demasi - 'Statin Wars: Have we been misled by the evidence?'

3/24/21  The Criminal History of Pfizer - Pam Popper

3/17/21 The Criminal History of Drug Makers - Pam Popper

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai – Tutorial: Why the mRNA Vaccine is a Reductionist Approach for “Immunity”

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny – Interview concerning the “vaccine”

<first timers video 2>In depth discussion by several brilliant and courageous doctors.  Dr. Judy Mikovits at the beginning goes into great technical detail.  Dr. Zelenko talks in layman's terms later.

The bio-weapon nature of the vaccine by Dr. Lee Merritt:

Dr. Vernon Coleman on "Anyone that tells you the vaccine is safe and effective is lying".  He gets very emotional at the end and uses some bad language.

Link to nurse who got the vaccine and has tremors.

<first timers video 3> Dr. Simone Gold give lots of good information on COVID-19 and the experimental vaccine. America's Frontline doctors say in no case should a woman of child bearing age get the experimental vaccine. Africa's (with the exception of South Africa) death rate due to COVID-19 is 1% of America's.  Most of Africa take HCL every Sunday.$/embed/nwnw20210114/c8f474809aaf46ac8eadd85ee7f1d8c777b6b8f9?r=51yWz28rGNqSEdpdCVLDFacPRXwiLh7c <$/embed/nwnw20210114/c8f474809aaf46ac8eadd85ee7f1d8c777b6b8f9?r=51yWz28rGNqSEdpdCVLDFacPRXwiLh7c>