Westerville City Council's War on Christianity

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Note that I found a news article in Prizm dated almost a month before it appeared in "local" media.  Prizm says:

"Prizm exists to connect LGBTQ+ people across Ohio to a statewide community that shares their triumphs, joys, setbacks and struggles. We are a monthly magazine that covers news, politics, health, arts, entertainment, fashion and culture through journalistic storytelling and informative content with a modern, artistic edge.

Prizm is a subsidiary of Equitas Health, 100% of its profits are reinvested back into the organization’s community-based health and social services."

Prizm - Feb. 2, 2019

This Week - Mar 26, 2019

Dispatch Editorial - Misinformation

And in Westerville City Schools

Westerville City School District


CA Legislature telling churches what to preach

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