To the average person it is hard to understand why anyone on city council would work to disturb the tranquility of Westerville.  What would be the reason?  Is it arrogance, a superiority complex, compensation from outside of Westerville, coercion (bullying) from outside of Westerville, a combination of all of the above or something else?  What sometimes happens to those who believe they know better than the general population is they get a vision of how they think things should be.  With that vision comes the belief that whatever they need to do to bring about the vision, is morally justified.  For example:  Running for election as one thing and doing the opposite once elected; or orchestrating a Kabuki Theater public input to make it look like they have public support all the while knowing that most of the city has no idea what they are doing; or working with outside groups to the detriment of the residents.

If you are like most people, you are busy with work, family, and other activities and you just do not have a whole lot of time to pay attention to what city council is doing.  Well the time has come to pay attention or you will likely be negatively impacted and putting things back together after they are broken is going to take a lot more time and effort than if you put some time in now.  Please take some time to get educated and do not be swayed by excuses such as "Well, these are just ideas, it doesn't mean they will be implemented."  or "It hasn't been drafted yet, so we can't answer that."  Once it is drafted, there are only 4 weeks between the 1st reading and the final reading.  The first reading of the privileged class ordinance was held on September 17th and even though the presentation did not match the ordinance as written and several issues were raised, council is planning to storm ahead with the second reading on October 1st.   Public input is scheduled for that time.

It is very strange to have a majority on city council who regard the 1st and 2nd Amendments as obstacles to be overcome rather than rights to be treasured.

More information is available in the following links.

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What is a road diet?  - From the City's survey:  A Road Diet is “removing a travel lane or reducing the width of travel lanes and using the space for other uses and travel modes”. Road diets slow traffic down, making it safer for pedestrians and bicyclists and can add items such as designated on-street parking, a turn lane, bike lanes, wider sidewalks and landscaping. Road diets are proposed for: East Schrock Road, N Spring Road, Huber Village Blvd, Otterbein Ave (north of Walnut) and County Line Road (east of State Street).

Westerville City Council's War on 2nd Amendment

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